Condo board election revolt
How Florida’s first Condo Ombudsman became the 500-pound gorilla

Valmore R. Lucier
Published by: Dr. Joyce Starr
ISBN 978–0–9792333–9–5

When Florida appointed America’s first Condominium Ombudsman one task he had was to appoint election monitors to conduct board of director elections. Preventing election misconduct and manipulation was seen as a priority. The author was Florida’s first Volunteer Chief Election Monitor.

incumbent boards lost 50% of these elections

In 2004 condo owners in Florida gained the right to petition for the removal of board directors. The incumbent boards lost 50% of these elections. As the owners found out how much money was being saved by kicking out the incumbents, more condos started signing petitions.

The author points out that most condo board members do not have a clue on what their responsibilities are. However board elections are often manipulated by board presidents, property managers and lawyers who do know what they are doing and who do not want to lose cash-cow accounts.

He also states that most condo owners do not know how board elections are suppose to be run so that the elections are fair and reflect their true desires. This ignorance gives the incumbents and their condo lawyer the ability to manipulate the process.

50 different ways

The author listed 50 different ways elections were tampered with including letting renters and deceased owners vote, changing the location or date of the meetings and using dated owner lists.

Although this book deals with a very important issue, it is of limited help for anyone looking for guidance in running condo elections in Ontario. The rules followed in the United States are far different than in Canada.

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