Man drives through lobby of Reno condominium complex
News 4
by Kristen Edwards
02 November 2017

A man drove through the front doors of the Park Towers condominium complex in downtown Reno at 4 a.m. Thursday.

The manager says he caught the entire incident on a security camera.
On the video, he says the man appeared agitated as he paced around the front door, banged on it, and tried to use the call box.

He later got into his car and stopped at the entrance of the building. He slammed on the gas, turned to toward the building, and drove into the lobby.
The manager says it will take a week or two and about $20,000 to fix the damage.

Reno Police said no arrests were made, and it's unclear if he will be summoned to court or if he'll face any charges.

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